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Emma Kiiski


Helsinki, Finland


Hi! I’m a game artist with a wide range of skills in both 2D and 3D art and Unity. I'm a well-organised proactive team player with a strong drive to get things done with the best quality. I'm motivated to keep learning and developing my skills.

My main skills: 3D modeling, texturing, 2D game art & UI (bitmap & vector), VFX (particle effects), art implementation in game engine (Unity), animation, game design, UI/UX design (Adobe XD)
My interests: game design, sculpting, shaders

My main tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Unity
Basics: Blender, Mudbox, After Effects
Project Management & Version Control: Basic PM tools (like Trello, Youtrack, Hack'n'Plan), Mercurial (Tortoise HG), SVN (Tortoise SVN), Git (SourceTree)

My Art Account:


Game Artist

Heavyweight Rex

Helsinki, Finland · August 2018 – Present

At Heavyweight Rex I’ve worked on the game Card Smash: Tribes of War. My role has included a range of art-related tasks: On the 2D side made most of the game’s UI and card frames, some IAP images and a new version of the game logo. On the 3D side I’ve created the saga/progression map in the main menu and put it together in Unity. I’ve also concepted, modeled and textured the reward chests and booster packs. I’ve created particle effects for both in-game and the saga map. I’ve animated booster packs' and reward chests' opening.

To help make the production pipeline smoother, I’ve made an interactive UX wireframe for the game with Adobe XD along with UI mockups. I’ve also designed and built the game’s website.

Game Artist & Team Lead

Dodreams Ltd.

Helsinki, Finland · July 2016 – May 2018

At Dodreams I’ve been a generalist game artist and done a bit of everything from 2D & 3D in-game assets to particle effects and animation in Unity. I’ve been working on two published projects called Drive Ahead! Sports and Drive Ahead! Minigolf (AR).

Currently I’m working with Drive Ahead! Minigolf as Game Artist and Team Lead. As a Team Lead I’ve taken care of project management tasks such as arranging sprint and retrospective meetings, making sure the team is on schedule and that everyone has something relevant to do. The role has also included communication to producers and representing our company and team at industry events.

Drive Ahead! Sports for iOS:!-sports/id1135354652?mt=8

Drive Ahead! Minigolf:

Level Designer

Namida Diamond Factory

Helsinki, Finland · May 2016 – June 2017

BubblesIQ –

Updating the bubble shooter game with new graphical content: themes (changing every 2 weeks) that includes in-game assets (game background and theme-related special bubbles) Facebook canvas background images and community images (cover photos, avatars and marketing images).
I’m updating the graphics directly to both Flash and Unity versions of the game (Facebook and mobile). I build the new Flash versions and upload them into the developer environment in Facebook for testing.

One of my main tasks is creating new levels and level sets with an in-house level editor. It includes looking at analytics of how the level sets have performed and designing new level sets based on the information. And testing the level sets of course.

2D/3D Artist Intern

Namida Diamond Factory

Helsinki, Finland · November, 2015 – May, 2016

BubblesIQ –

Updating and creating new themes (changing every 2 weeks), including Facebook canvas background images and community images (coverphotos, avatars and marketing images). My work also included updating the in-game special graphics (game backgrounds and theme bubbles) in Flash, building a new version and uploading the build into the developer version on Facebook for testing.

I’ve also been creating new levels and levelsets with new color schemes with an in-house level editor and uploading them into the developer version on Facebook.

Poker Fortunes –
3D modeling and texturing of in-game vanity items.

2D/3D Game Artist


Tampere, Finland · July 2015 – November 2015

Modeling and texturing assets to the iOS game called DISCORUN.
I’ve also made some ads graphics and animation for the game.

Freelance Concept Artist

Private person

· February 2015 – March 2015

A painted concept for a game character.

Game Artist Intern


Berlin, Germany · October 2012 – July 2013

Working in Diamond Dash iOS. Doing GUI design, 2D game art and some animation. Also writing my Final Thesis while working on the game.

Game Artist Intern


Tampere, Finland · July 2012 – September 2012

I was working at a Finnish indie game company called Wronghut as an intern for a few months. This included all kinds of tasks, from 2D art (texturing, GUI) and 3D art (modeling) to marketing and community management (blogging, tweeting, managing and planning marketing) before launch of the game).


3D Game Artist


Falun, Sweden · 2014 – 2016

A 2-year program including 3D graphics studies for games. Project-oriented. E.g. modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. Programs such as Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox and Motion Builder.

Degree Programme in Media

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere, Finland · 2010 – 2014

Art, Media, Web Design, Game Design


Tuokio Wooga Beiz


Maya, Photoshop, Unity, Illustrator, Blender, Mudbox, Task/Project Management Tools, Version Control (Git, SVN), Mobile Games


3D Modeling, Texturing, VFX, Game Assets, Animation, Implementing Assets

2017 VR Indie Pitch Winner @PGC Helsinki , Pocket Gamer Connects / Steel Media Ltd.
Pitched our AR game Drive Ahead! Minigolf at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki and won the competition.