Wooga GmbH

Working at Wooga in Berlin, with the top-ranking arcade game Diamond Dash.

My work included GUI design and mocking up new features for the game. Also icons and redesigning the iPad version UI to make it more consistent with the iPhone version.

I created a style guide for the iPad and iPhone versions of the game. Designed to make it easier for new employees to jump on the project, enhance communication within the team and understand the style better. It also is a reference for other teams how a successful game team works.

Contact me if you wish to view the file.

Wooga GmbH
October 2012 – July 2013
Game Art, GUI Design, Animation

“Super Offers” UI mock-up.

New Facebook open graphic iterations for Diamond Dash.

Special boost icon designs.

Example page of the Diamond Dash iOS style guide. UI - Gameplay page, explaining special features in the gameplay field.

Contact me for more information at emma.kiiski@gmail.com