3D Art

My main tools are Maya and Photoshop and I like doing low-poly assets and characters. I also know the basics with Blender. I’ve done modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning and animation.

Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation
3D Game Art, Maya and Photoshop

Floating Islands Environment | Maya & Photoshop

Made as a freelance project for Game Art Co.

Voxel Flower Pots | MagicaVoxel

A low poly chicken coop scene with handpainted textures.

Photoshop | Maya | 3286 tris | 512x512 diffuse map | shadows baked in vertex colors.

Remake of an in-game asset. Maya | Photoshop.
Original © Supercell

3D version of a friend.
Maya | Photoshop

3D version of a friend.
Maya | Photoshop

Character models and textures for a game project at PlaygroundSquad.
Photoshop | Maya

A little demon character with handpainted textures, my own concept. 2320 tris, 1024x1024 diffuse. Photoshop | Maya

A battleaxe. 822 tris. 1024x1024 diffuse. Photoshop | Maya