I’ve been working on two released projects and several small AR prototypes. Most of the work has been hands-on creation and implementation of in-game and UI assets in 2D (Photoshop) and 3D (Maya) as well as VFX (Unity, particle effects) and animation (Unity). In the latest project, Drive Ahead! Minigolf I’ve been working as the Team Lead, organising and maintaining the team’s sprints and release schedule. I’ve also taken part in UX design regarding the games' UI and the general game design in our games.

Game Artist & Team Lead
July 2016 – May 2018
3D & 2D Game Assets, Texturing, VFX, Animation
VFX Show Reel 2017

Game assets for Drive Ahead! Minigolf. Photoshop | Maya

iOS iMessage animated PNG stickers for Drive Ahead! Illustrator | After Effects